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German Kolsch
4.5% ABV • 12 IBUs

Named after our home community. Crisp, dry, easy drinking, and refreshing. Golden-straw color. Minimal hop flavor and aroma.

Cheers CB!

Floyd the Barbarian

Session Hazy IPA
5% ABV • 30 IBUs

Inspired by Nirvana + a yeast strain called ‘Barbarian’. An easy drinking, cloudy, hazy, session IPA. 100% Citra hops adds citrus, orange, and grapefruit character.

FFBCO Hefeweizen

German Hefeweizen
4.5% ABV • 12 IBUs

50% wheat and 50% barley. Low hop flavor and aroma. Unique yeast strain produces clove like spice character, bubble gum, and banana flavors and aromas.

Blufftown Brown Ale

American Brown
5.8% ABV • 32 IBUs

This brown ale is malty, chocolaty, and nutty with a healthy amount of Pacific Northwest hops for a very well balanced yet slightly complex American Brown Ale.


American Pale
5.7% ABV • 38 IBUs

Named after our location, where we cross paths at the intersection of I-29 and I-80. This beer is not too hoppy and allows the malt to shine through. Medium body supported by Pacific Northwest hops.

Prickly pearendipity

Berliner Weisse – Sour
5% ABV • 8 IBUs

A kettle sour with over a pound of 100% real prickly pear puree per gallon of beer added during fermentation. The prickly pear is the fruit of a cactus, aptly named a prickly pear cactus.  The inside of the fruit has a vivid purple color similar to fuchsia and adds a beautiful and unique shade of red to the beer.  The aroma is a blend of earthy, floral, and soft fruits including strawberry and melon. The sweetness of the fruit slightly subdues the tartness and adds soft flavors that mirror the aroma. 

Double F’d IPA

Double IPA
9% ABV • 67IBUs

Double F’d IPA showcases Mosaic and Simcoe hop varieties with an abundance of hop complexity including citrus, berries, stone fruit, tropical fruit, as well as earthy and herbal aromas and flavors. Finishes with a sweet and subtle malt balance. The double F’d is for Full Fledged. Get your mind out of the gutter! 

Stay Oatful, Dream Big

Oatmeal Stout
7.0% ABV • 36 IBUs

An exceptionally smooth oatmeal stout with hints of coffee and chocolate characteristics supported by underlying chocolate finish. Named after Marshall’s big dream and determination to keep on truckin’. 

Worthy Cause Amber

Amber Ale
5.1% ABV • 18 IBUs

Fermented with Kolsch yeast leaves this beer clean and crisp. Sweet caramel, malty with classis Chinook hops. A portion of taproom proceeds are currently donated to the First Responders Foundation Council Bluffs Chapter

Haze Dweller

Imperial IPA
9.5% ABV • 33 IBUs

Showcases an impenetrable haze, soft body and mouthfeel, with incredible flavors and aromas bursting of tropical fruits. Backed by a touch of citrus, and hint of vanilla. Juicy from start to finish.

Don Mega

9.6% ABV • 75 IBUs

Huge beer with tons of body, character and complexity. A very hoppy yet well balanced, high alcohol barleywine with a touch of sweetness. Belly up to the bar for this one with it’s high alcohol content!

Chli Buzz

Chili Beer
5.2% ABV • 12 IBUs

This beer has a touch of sweetness to counter the perfect amount of heat from the peppers used in this beer. The jalapeno aroma and flavor dominate this beer with fresh pepper character you would expect from a chili beer.

Dank Heavens

American IPA
7% ABV • 70 IBUs

Loaded with Columbus and Simcoe hops from start to finish. Takes a step back from all the citrusy, fruity IPAs and delivers a dank IPA with a resinous finish. Thank heavens for this beer!

Vienna Lager

German Amber Lager
5% ABV • 18 IBUs

A smooth, clean, German, amber lager brewed with malt that is rich, bready and toasty. German hops were used to lean a balanced finish. 

Cafe Maxima

Coffee Beer
7% ABV • 10 IBUs

Brewed with rich malts, real pumpkin, and a blend of spices along with cold dripped Jazzy Java Coffee, which is from the local Em & Liv’s Hard Bean Coffee shop. Perfectly balanced to allow the rich malt to come through so you can still taste the complexity of a well-crafted ale. 

Spicy Nib

American Stout
7% ABV • 36 IBUs

Tons of roasted malt character layered with chocolate nibs and spice for added complexity. A wonderful chocolate aroma and flavor upfront, followed by a slight cayenne pepper spice that slowly creeps up behind 

Rotating Small Batch

Varies % ABV • Varies IBUs

We are always trying new small batch recipes or recreating small batches we’ve had on tap prevsiously. Typically we will have one or two on tap in addition to our flagship and seasonal beers. 

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